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Analyzing, Building, Managing, Reacting: Pictime Groupe will work with you to set up and maintain your system security plan.   

Pictime Groupe is committed to ensuring the security of our clients’ information systems, business applications, cloud platforms and data18 years of experience acquired in managing applications with significant audience and data security implications, we’ve succeeded in developing world-class solutions for managing information system security.

Today, our services include auditing, consulting, testing, management and deployment of expert cybersecurity solutions.

What issues do businesses face in terms of cybersecurity?

There’s no longer any question of whether any one company might become the target of data, information system and website attacks.

Whether directly targeted by hackers or simply suffering the fallout of failed security updates involving a malicious bot, every organization faces the threat of cybersecurity risks. Increasing reliance on cloud technology for businesses and their employees only magnifies the risk, which has quadrupled for phishing and tripled for ransomware in the past year, according to the National Cybersecurity Agency of France (ANSSI).

Without proper education and support, companies are taking increased risks with their data, their information systems and even their very existence, given the increased risk of the company’s failure in the wake of a cyber attack, because of the slowdown or standstill of their operations.

What are the cyber risks?

Cybersecurity threats are myriad, but the most common among them are phishing (when login credentials such as usernames and passwords are captured to steal an identity or the access rights or privileges for an application), ransomware (which encrypts your data, decrypting it only if a ransom is paid), loss of confidentiality, data theft, defacement (an attack that degrades your website and may cause malicious URLs to appear) and many more that are inventoried by the ANSSI. This makes the ANSSI the leading cybersecurity specialist in France for companies and their employees, public services and individuals.

Protecting your information system isn’t a luxury or an advantage, it’s a must. The cybersecurity culture is developing among employees and users of websites and software, and in today’s world, no company can afford to ignore this obligation.

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Does your company have a cybersecurity plan?

To effectively protect your company, you need to understand the status of your IT security and therefore your security risks. It means making the right choices for your organization, your employees and your clients. For a business executive, a cybersecurity plan entails a detailed analysis of the risks and threats so that the right decisions can be made when it comes to allocating a budget to cybersecurity for all the components of the information system: workstations, websites, applications, backups, cloud.

Protecting yourself well comes down to anticipating risks, detecting intrusion attempts and responding in real time. Good advice to keep in mind is to regularly test your security system, stay up-to-date on the latest threats, surround yourself with cybersecurity experts, deploy solutions tailored to your situation and remember that security should be addressed at all levels. Security isn’t the exclusive domain of a few of the company’s experts—it’s everyone’s business. Each workstation represents a potential risk, so it’s important for each employee to have a security culture mindset along with the right reflexes when faced with a threat.

We’re committed to the IT security of our clients

We offer support geared to your needs

The better we know you, the better we can serve you. To implement the optimal cybersecurity solutions for your environment, Pictime Groupe will work closely with you to assess the cybersecurity threats and analyze the risks. We audit your organization and your infrastructure, advise you on the best solution based on market standards and ANSSI recommendations and deploy the necessary resources in line with your budget and challenges.

Our cybersecurity solutions

Mindful that the number of cyber attacks is on the rise and that these are becoming ever more challenging to identify, Pictime Groupe deploys a range of managed services led by an expert security operations center (SOC) that supervises, monitors and contains attacks.

Because security threats are constantly evolving, Pictime Groupe supports our clients by analyzing the actual security status of the organization, advising on countermeasures to deploy and setting up security governance (security committee, change management, in-house security culture).

Pictime Groupe measures the actual level of protection (security audit, regular vulnerability scans or pentest type intrusion audit), which is an essential part of maintaining a level of security that is appropriate for your solution. Pictime Groupe’s portfolio of managed security services—antivirus, anti-DDoS, web app firewall (WAF), firewallguarantees an optimal level of security.

ExpertCyber certification

Pictime Groupe, a cybersecurity company based in Lille recognized for the excellence of our security services, received ExpertCyber certification from Cybermalveillance.gouv.fr. This certification recognizes professional expertise in cybersecurity.

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Together with ISO 27001 and CHDS, this serves as another example of the recognition we’ve received for the professionalism of our teams and our Security best practices.

It also represents a guarantee for our clients regarding our level of expertise and our proficiency in cybersecurity.

We offer valuable insight into the prevention of malicious online acts, and we can set up security for all of our clients’ platforms and infrastructure, regardless of their industry.

Sylvain Bailleul, Pictime Groupe Security – Cloud & Security.

ISO 27001, health data hosting (HDS) and GDPR certification

Pictime Groupe is ISO 27001 certified, for information system security, and HDS certified, for secure health data hosting. We support organizations in deploying the security standards recommended by national (e.g. ANSSI) and international bodies. We also work with our private business and public entity clients to ensure their compliance with the GDPR standards.

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Our active partners Aqua, Fortinet, Imperva, LogPoint, TrendMicro and Rapid7 can attest to the high quality of our services.

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