Strengthen Information Security Management
through Risk & Compliance assessments

Let Pictime Groupe be your guide as together we navigate your Security and Data Protection processes.

Whether managing information security risks, integrating security into your business processes, implementing the ISO 27001 standard or HDS reference system or complying with the GDPR, we put our expertise to work for you to develop a pragmatic and customized approach.

Your challenges

Information security risks

Your goals include:

  • Being in a position to guarantee your clients and partners that your Business Solution offers an optimal level of security;
  • Controlling risks and having the capability to decide on and prioritize security projects methodically;
  • Having a relevant action plan tailored to your organization’s resources.

We’re here to assist you in managing information security risks.

Information Security Management

Do you have all the information you need to make an informed decision about what strategic direction to take (certification and/or outsourcing to a certified third party)?

If strengthening your security management is one of your goals, ISO 27001 / ISO 27002 standards will provide you the key support you need.

Does your Information System process health data? These standards are an integral part of the HDS reference system for health data hosting

There are a number of benefits to undertaking an ISO 27001 or HDS certification process, specifically:

  • greater control of data security risks;
  • an organization designed to cope with any situation;
  • standardized work methods;
  • preserved and durable knowledge and practices;
  • a guarantee for your clients and partners;
  • and compliance with HDS regulations, if applicable.
risk and compliance illustration

Do you need to know your organization’s level of maturity and have an action plan for meeting ISO 27001 or HDS requirements? Would you like to help your teams implement the certification project and quickly achieve the level of control required to maintain certification?

We’ll assist you with your analysis and your project to implement the ISO 27001 standard or HDS reference system.

Personal Data Protection

We’ll assist you with your analysis, your project and your continued conformity when it comes to personal data protection regulations, whatever your challenges:

  • Determining your organization’s current level of compliance with personal data protection regulations;
  • Having a relevant and prioritized action plan, in order to achieve satisfactory compliance within a reasonable timeframe;
  • Helping your teams to implement the compliance project and rapidly attain the level of control vital to ensuring your organization’s continued conformity;
  • Having the right expertise to keep your organization in compliance, while also keeping your budget under control.

Our value

Drawing on our extensive background in healthcare and e-commerce, Pictime Groupe has developed the expertise to guide our clients in matters of information security risk, security management and conformity.

Our user feedback and our continuous improvement philosophy allow us to offer you thorough, pragmatic support so you can clarify and achieve your security goals.

Our expertise at work for you

We’ve produced a clear and concise webinar that shows the merits—and importance—of systematic risk management for any organization.
Watch the whole webinar from this page!
For more information about this topic, please contact us.

Our expertise at work for you

We’ve produced a clear and concise webinar that will show the merits and importance of systematic risk management for any organization. 

Save the date: Tuesday March 9 at 10:00 am!

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