Optimize your digital results with performance management

At Pictime Groupe, we offer you an approach to application performance management and user engagement that will lead to growth and return on investment for you.

Drawing on our expertise and a wealth of specialized tools, we work alongside you to build a roadmap for the continuous improvement of your platforms.

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Your digital performance challenges

Are you hoping to improve the performance of your digital levers? Are you mainly interested in an approach based on indicators rather than beliefs? Do you want to activate value-added projects?

Would you like to maximize the value of the tools you already have in place or check whether they’re compatible with your new challenges?

Are you looking for cross-functional management of the various areas of digital expertise with your resources and partners?

Moteur perf management


  • Business expertise: from the customer journey to how your data is used, we examine areas for improvement, new services to offer and ways to better stimulate your mailing list.
  • Platform expertise: the performance of your platform hinges on optimized development. We identify barriers and avenues for improving visibility for your customers, prospects and Google.
  • Hosting expertise: we optimize your infrastructure components to handle your peak traffic and use only the resources you actually need while ensuring optimal response times.

The support of a Customer Performance Manager

A true asset supporting your growth, the Customer Performance Manager (CPM) runs workshops to learn about your context during the scoping process. They lead the workshops with Pictime Groupe experts as well as your own. They assess the platform and recommend a timeline for priority actions. During this process, the CPM offers a business perspective and an ROI focus.

Day-to-day, the CPM works closely with you to analyze the results achieved and establishes a schedule of next steps. By using a dedicated toolkit, relying on market knowledge and bringing in experts, the CPM incorporates your identity and your challenges to establish a prioritized roadmap.

Our tools

Our approach builds on the tools you already use, like Google Analytics or your own reports. Together we supplement them with the required elements, and we can suggest other tools to take the analysis to the next level.

To quantify the customer experience, we deploy free components with Google Analytics feedback and recommend partner tools to identify slowdowns.

Our value

Bolstered by significant retail and e-commerce experience, Pictime Groupe has developed a high level of expertise that enables us to support our clients through implementing and operating digital platforms.

Relying on our feedback and our understanding of the market, we can work closely with you to achieve your digital results.

The process affords our teams the opportunity to gain comprehensive insight into your platform within five weeks and to produce an initial roadmap. It also initiates a continuous improvement approach focusing on your performance.

We then apply the principles of Lean Management to regularly provide new leads in terms of the results obtained to follow a result-based methodology.

Our expertise at work for you

We’ve created a webinar on improving website performance, particularly for online shopping.

This webinar includes:

  • a focus on a website’s technical performance
  • our continuous improvement methodology for performance

You’ll also learn about Quanta, a tool that provides long-term tracking of your technical performance.

The entire webinar is available on this page!

For more information about this topic, please contact us.

Our references

Through the implementation and achievement of a page weight target, load times were reduced by 30%, resulting in improvements to both the customer experience and hosting resource use.

With the help of our partner IP Label and by optimizing application performance, we made it possible for Nocibé to eliminate application caches for maximum customer experience personalization without increasing hosting resources.

A new enrollment process along with technological choices have resulted in a sharp uptick in the number of online enrollments.

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