User experience

We create positive, clear and memorable experiences for your users and employees by presenting them with interfaces designed to make their lives easier.

Using flexible methods, our multidisciplinary team focuses just as much on the online shopping experience of your clients/prospects as on using service users effectively. We deal with highly complex human-machine ecosystems such as those found in healthcare.


Design Thinking, Service Design, Design Sprint. 

From user research to prototype testing, we use innovative user-centered creation methods to convert your projects into desirable, feasible (technology) and viable (economics) digital products and services.


Ergonomics Audit, Visual Design, Interaction Design.

From audit to creation to continuous improvement, we assist you throughout your interface work. Whether System Design or design principles, we prioritize tools that simplify the scalability and upgradability of your products and services.

Our tools and methods

Collaborative design methods and tools inherently adapt to the challenge, its context and the teams called upon to solve it. As a result, our offer is one of appropriate and customized design support for scoping or continuous improvement.

User research

Understand the behaviors, needs, motivations and difficulties of users through observation and task analysis techniques.

  • Field studies: our UX consultants dive into ethnographic research to examine specific customer and/or employee needs in the field. Our diverse array of tools allows us to adapt to different lines of business by combining shadowing, surveys and interviews.
  • User Interviews: we write, structure, carry out and report on the interviews. We conduct them totally independently or alongside your teams as per your needs.
  • UX Benchmarking: our studies give you access to both market-related and usage-related benchmarks to focus back in on the true essence of the project and thus on real value creation. We can pair this work with a value proposition and/or service model canvas.
  • Personas and user journey: taking a user-centered approach, our UX consultants work on the personas representing your user segments using empathy maps developed from interviews and your customer/user data. We regularly work on this aspect with the help of our Data and CRM team.

Design thinking & service design

Reorganize people, infrastructure, communications & tools involved in a service to define and/or improve its quality in the long-term.

  • Journey mapping & service blueprint : not only do our UX consultants map user journeys and flows, but they also map all the hidden layers related to organization, people, systems and data (user circle, service blueprint, etc.). We routinely work on these aspects in tandem with an audit  of our application architects’  IT systems.
  • Design Principles & value : we employ  various tools to help you build and communicate a strong and true digital vision. These broad strokes are intended to deliver accuracy and consistency to users, whoever they may be.
  • Data mining : linking data to usage means restoring meaning and value to the latter. Our teams can assist you by processing the data with the right understanding of and communication with your users.


Evaluate the product and/or services through testing to determine the level of customer satisfaction and areas for improvement.

  • Ergonomics audit: our UX and UI consultants apply criteria (Scapin & Bastien or Nielsen heuristics, AFNOR Z67, ISO 9241, etc.) to check and rate the normative usability of your product while suggesting solutions to any problems encountered.
  • User testing: remotely, in the field or in the lab, we test your products and prototypes with users. From the test protocol to findings report, we provide you with quantitative and/or qualitative tests adapted to your needs.
  • Accessibility: we work with you to analyze and devise your products and services with the aim of improving the design to meet the required accessibility criteria.

Interface design and system design

Design the interaction of a product and/or service while keeping the focus on usability

  • Visual design and interface creation: our UI designers and art directors will suggest ways that you can adapt your charter to match your digital goals. The UI designers produce the masters in the most appropriate format. We assist you with your mobile-first, adaptive or responsive thinking—and more.
  • Interaction design and prototyping: UX and UI designers can produce low- and high-definition prototypes. They’ll also recommend the best animated interaction for a fun, user-friendly and clear experience (motion design).
  • Design System: we set up your Design System, the reference tool (internet or intranet site) that gathers together all the elements needed for everyone involved in a digital ecosystem to create a project, improve it and easily distribute it according to industry standards.

Our references

Pictime is working with Biocoop on the design and ongoing optimization of their omnichannel customer journey.

Personas, experience maps, work on data and metrics, identification of friction and opportunities to provide value to each and every clientele. Pictime’s UX experts identify the user experiences best suited to the particularities and individual nature of the brand.

  • UX/UI redesign for the day clinic’s patient management portal used by the care team during appointments via access to a set of patient information originating from various industry tools. It also enables information to be exchanged between the doctor and the team of medical assistants in the administrative office. Consideration of the Predice regional ecosystem in the design of the tool’s technical architecture and features.
  • Performance of an ergonomics audit on the website, taking the following criteria into account: guidance, workload (cognitive understanding), explicit control, adaptability, homogeneity and consistency, as well as compatibility.

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