Pictime Groupe works with you to implement regular monitoring of your platform’s technical governance. 

We help you create a technical roadmap enabling you to deliver new features to your customers via your architecture in order to support your growth.

With our range of expertise, we can deploy new technologies to best meet your new business challenges.

Your architecture challenges

Are you looking to ensure the long-term viability of your application capital

Do you want to measure your platform’s ability to handle major sales events like Black Friday?

Would you like to create interoperability between your platform and your Information System and/or the outside world?

Do you need innovative and high-performance solutions?

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À la carte support tailored to your needs

  • Project Scoping: working together, we identify the best solutions to meet your timing and budgetary constraints, while factoring in your ecosystem, architecture and business goals.
  • Technical Governancewe set a certain number of half-yearly objectives and KPIs to meet in order to gauge your platform’s progress during the RUN phase. Then, throughout the lifespan of your platform, we’ll measure the achievement of these performance indicators.
  • Load Testing: we perform load tests so you can be confident that your platform is able to handle the traffic expected by your marketing teams.

Our value

This regular monitoring to ensure the achievement of performance indicators in line with your business objectives will guarantee the long-term success of your platform.

Relying on our feedback and agnostic philosophy, we have the means to provide you with the best possible support, taking your needs into account while implementing modern, high-performance architectures (Microservices, Serverless, etc.).

Our will to combine technological advancements with innovative business needs guarantees an optimal adoption rate among your business teams.

Our references

We assisted Nocibé’s teams in transforming their e-commerce website into a lightweight and modern platform capable of consuming APIs. As a result, the regular updates made to it ensured a future-proof platform while also optimizing the time to market of new features and the platform’s ability to handle the performance challenges expected during major shopping events such as Mother’s Day and Black Friday.

On May 19, 2020, Laurent Bara, Omnichannel Manager at Nocibé, along with Pascal Stalin, Technical Director, and Stephane Leroy, Technical Architect, at Pictime Groupe, explained during a webinar how APIzation has been able to prevent Nocibé’s platform from becoming obsolete, thanks to various architecture upgrades.

With our support, Auchan’s teams implemented a tool enabling sales assistants to sell products in-store. This application was the first building block in the omnichannel APIzation of Auchan’s information system. The most important aspect of this project was meeting deadlines. In fact, this first series of APIs enabled us to decommission the old AS400-based applications. Building on the same APIs as the sales assistant application, the task of creating a store kiosk and product tagging application was quick and easy. This demonstrates the advantages of this type of technological upgrade in terms of greater agility and optimized time to market.

We worked with MCM’s teams to market their range of products. We offered MCM solutions for showcasing their products to simplify the subscription process for end customers. Together with MCM, we built a simplified representation of their product range designed to be easier for customers to read. This involved APIzation of their product catalogue. The project has allowed MCM to expand their online sales capacity for their existing customers as well as reach new customers in geographic areas where the company doesn’t currently have offices.

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