Application Management

Pictime Group designs, builds, maintains and pilots business applications in the field of healthcommerce and online services.

Specialist in the design and maintenance in operational conditions of business-oriented application solutions, we accompany you on the definition of your project (functional and technical architecture), the construction of the roadmap and expectations (scoping) and the development in iterative collaborative mode (Agile scrum).

In our hands, your solution is in continuous improvement. We constantly offer upgrades to remain at the forefront of innovation and optimize the profitability of your platform.

In order to maintain a high level of reliability in performance and security of your application, Pictime Group guarantees you an optimal management of the solution thanks to your dedicated contact and its application operation service.

Thanks to our certified partnerships with publishers (Magento, Salesforce) and our knowledge of the open source world, we will define with you the best application solution, the best framework and the best development model for your project.


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