Your secure healthcare cloud challenges

Are you—with your clients and patients—looking to guarantee a fully secure solution to host your personal and health data that meets the needs of your clients using software solutions hosted in “as a service” mode?

Would you like to leverage a Trusted Cloud or Public Cloud solution offered by a certified host for your business application hosting platforms?

Do you need an agile, scalable, robust and secure solution for your outsourced software solutions?

Coreye is the answer to your needs, offering you the assurance of a nationally-listed hosting partner who understands the challenges in the healthcare sector.

Our value

  • Solutions that fully comply with CHDS (Health Data Host Certification) regulations and meet ANS (French National Digital Health Agency) requirements.
  • Support solutions for publishers to make the switch to SaaS (Software as a Service) mode.
  • Solutions guided by the principles of Availability, Integrity, Confidentiality and Traceability for Health Data.
  • Secure Healthcare Multi-Cloud solutions with excellent availability to guarantee great quality of service for your clients and users in hosted mode.
  • An ecosystem counting more than 150 publishers in a wide range of fields related to Healthcare.

Client testimonial

Visiodent is protecting the data of their Veasy platform clients

Visiodent’s Veasy project was an extremely important one, so from the very beginning, we selected the leading names and experts in each field, including Coreye for healthcare data hosting.

In less than 3 years, Veasy became the top digital health software.

Morgan Ohnona, CEO of Visiodent

what we have to offer

Coreye works with publishers, manufacturers in the healthcare industry and Hospital IT departments on implementing Secure Multi-Cloud solutions for your Health data in hosted mode.

Our solution architects help you to define the optimal platform for:

  • Starting up a business in hosted SaaS mode
  • Deploying a new outsourced application
  • Outsourcing your health data applications to the right cloud solution for you
  • Revamping your hosting solution

After defining the platform, a dedicated project manager is appointed to organize the schedule and resources needed to ensure that the projects run smoothly and meet the mutually-agreed commitments and deadlines. Likewise, a quality assurance and health data governance plan is suggested as a matter of course prior to launch.

During the course of our collaboration, your dedicated Coreye representative will advise you on which hosting solutions are best for you in terms of technology and use, with the goal of achieving technical performance and efficient business.

Our 24/7 support, based in France, is in charge of keeping your hosted application platform in good working order according to strict quality standards.

We also assist you in remaining compliant with applicable health data hosting regulations and advise you on upgrading to meet your changing needs using a scalable and agile platform.

Client testimonial

Secure hosting and IT outsourcing for the Centre APF Marc Sautelet’s health data

Outsourcing to Coreye gives us all the benefits of an HADS approved host, meaning total security and traceability for our health data.

Moreover, we’re also benefiting from full system monitoring by Coreye’s teams, who proactively alert us to any potential risk of failure. We can depend on their competency and responsiveness.

Laurent Bury, Head of IT at the Centre APF Marc Sautelet

a solution certified by our technology partners

This solution is certified by our technology partners: Dell EMC, VMWare, AWS and Azure.


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