Coreye, from health

data hosting

to developing

your digital performance

Coreye, from health data hosting to

developing your digital performance

Our approach

The healthcare market is rapidly growing and changing. People are becoming actively involved in their care pathways and are beginning to see their own health data (augmented self). To provide tools and experiences that cater to new healthcare portals, your architecture must include security and standards from the design phase. For the most efficient access to care and to simplify tasks in healthcare facilities, journeys are designed to encourage use by combining simplicity, user-friendliness and continuous improvement.

Data security .

Security is part and parcel of our projects. Thanks to our HDS (Health Data Hosting) certification and our DevSecOps approach, we guarantee a high level of security when managing your personal health data as well as in the applications we create or integrate for you.

We also support your efforts to obtain security (HDS, ISO 27001, HIPAA) and compliance (GDPR, DPIA, RGAA) certifications and set up your risk management strategy.


Agile and open
architecture for healthcare .

Portals are being deployed to offer more services to users.
The HOP’EN program and shared health information portals, among other initiatives, give patients a better handle on their care pathway. They’re becoming active participants and are demanding more digital tools and practicality.

To support these changes, you need to make your information system open. Our teams can assist you in building flexible architectures that incorporate the systems you already have and simplify their use.

User engagement .

Healthcare pathways can simplify admission and follow-up processes as well as signing up for services. Digitization is an opportunity to save time and improve efficiency. To achieve this, user journeys must be universally accessible and user-friendly so that they will be used to their full potential. We design user journeys to have high assimilation rates, leading to acceptance among patients and healthcare professionals using the technological platform.

Our relationship systematically includes follow-up on engagement to choose the solutions with the best usage and satisfaction rates among your users.

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What we offer

Hosting and guaranteed security for your data .

Our certified health data hosting services and solutions are designed to provide the best support to healthcare professionals for the challenges they face. Coreye is the guarantee of a nationally-listed hosting partner who understands the healthcare sector challenges. 

Learn about our Secure Healthcare Cloud

Building on a solid background in the Digital Health sector, Coreye guides you from the identification of strategic directions in the field of Health Data Hosting to the implementation of an HDS Certification reference system project.

Learn about our HDS Certification Support

Supporting the digital transformation in healthcare .

Coreye works with major Healthcare sector players—Insurance Companies, Pharmaceutical Companies, Biological Laboratories, Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities—to set up patient portals and digitize care pathways. Our involvement starts from the early stages of strategy organization and continues through the operational implementation of projects.

Our scoping method aligns all stakeholders, from business to IT, to develop a clearly defined project that will engage your users. We cover every aspect of defining projects and their objectives, making the user the focus of the process.

We determine the journeys and technical components you need. We help you decide on a hosting mode to accommodate your users and adapt to your traffic and requirements. We evaluate the options together (sovereign cloud, public cloud, hybrid solution) to find the solution that best responds to your challenges while making sense for your budget.

To select the best components for these projects, our functional architects are familiar with the products on the market and work with you to determine which solutions are best, based on the complexity of integration and functional coverage. It goes without saying that these decisions are made with security and longevity in mind.

Throughout the tool development process, we monitor performance and journey quality indicators  and set up scorecards. As soon as the tools are online, we jointly verify your users’ level of engagement and satisfaction.

Ensuring information system compliance .

When opening up to more services and a care pathway with actively involved patients, it is important to comply with standards and regulations.

Coreye is there to assist you with audits and support. Together, we draw up a status report and establish courses of action to achieve compliance with regulations or attain the level of certification you need.

With the convergence of applications and information systems, you must implement this process and manage the risks.

Our experts will be at your side to help you with the analysis and toolkit to manage the security of your platforms.

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Our certifications and listings

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