Functional governance and value-based prioritization

Pictime Group and our Business Analyst, Project Management Assistance (PMA) and Product Owner team are at your side to help manage your needs 

From scoping to implementation, including identification of impacts on your information system, we make sure the solution delivered reflects the expected value while staying on budget and on time. 

Your challenges

Do you want to  set up a website or upgrade it, but your aren’t sure where to start? 

During the project phase or during maintenance, would you like to be able to change your needs and adapt the solution while sticking to your schedule and budget? 

Are you looking for new ways to improve your customers’ user experience  and grow your business? 

We can also help you choose the right solutions for your specific situation and needs as well as track your business processes. 

Our value

Business Analyst, Project Management Assistance (PMA) or Product Owner, we lend our  functional expertise to the selection and design of solutions, all while making sure to optimize the value brought to all stakeholders.  

Through an approach that draws on our knowledge of the e-commerce industry, as well as on empathy and attentiveness, we prepare an official requirements document, along with functional and application mapping  for your projects and solutions. This enables us to understand your ecosystem, which is key to proposing solutions suited to your needs, budget and milestones. 

Whether in Agile environments  (Scrum, Kanban) with Product Owner or Proxy Product Owner profiles or V-Model with PMA and Business Analyst, we bridge the gap between the line of business and the development teams.Our central position means that we can ensure the right balance between the needs and the realities of deliveries.

Combined with an understanding of your eco-system, we can also more easily introduce change to the project and control any resulting impacts.  

Our references

To create their first e-commerce website, we worked with Biocoop to define the scope of their needs, their formalization and their prioritization.

As true relays to the Product Owner within the development teams, wemade sure that the team understood what exactly was needed, in a Scrum and then Kanban context. We then oversaw its development and ensured that deliveries were in line with requirements. We’re still working with Biocoop today to support perfective maintenance. 

Learn more about the Biocoop project in David Oks’s post: Biocoop, ou le commerce digital entre nature et culture” [Biocoop, or Digital Shopping Between Nature and Farms – French only].

As Product Owner, we established the roadmap for Cromology’s BtoB websiteWe began by evaluating current processes and using existing website features to reveal the main stumbling blocks.

We were then able to redefine and prioritize a new value-based backlog. These efforts have led to an increase in orders on the BtoB website. Bolstered by this experience, we’re now working with Cromology to expand their digital services to individuals, by creating a BtoC website. 

Joining the development teams at Boulanger as Proxy Product Owner, we’re involved in redesigning an application for salespeople within a Scrum environment

Our mission is to organize routines, establish the roadmap alongside the Product Owner, feed the backlog, keep the team challenged on a daily basis and continuously improve processes.  

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