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A Driver of Digital Transformation

Your digital

every day

Pictime Groupe – A Driver of Digital Transformation

we guide our clients through
the digital evolution of their industry

Since 2002, Pictime Groupe has been supporting our clients in France and abroad in their daily digital lives.

The many projects we have in hand are making their mark on the digital transformation of their various fields of activity, including retail, distance selling, digital health, education and insurance. They’re shaking up organizations and profoundly altering the user experience and journey.

As a digital services company on a human scale, we deploy the best digital technologies to support our clients’ business practices. To this end, Pictime Groupe works in the cloud on integrating, handling and protecting the platforms, applications and business data of our business clients.

We offer a wide range of managed services guide our clients through their digital transition and help them to improve application and service platform performance.

Our expert teams strive to deliver the best service based on our three pillars of support—either individually or combined!

Along with our managed services, Pictime Groupe brings specialized expertise to the table in digital consulting, digital marketing, risk and standards management (GDPR, HDS certification, ISO 27001), User Experience and Functional, Software and Infrastructure Architecture.

Our goal: To unite techologies and uses, to transform uses by exploring the future of what digital has to offer and to create value and meaning for all things digital every day!

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